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VibeCampo Ambassador Program

VibeCampo Campus Ambassadors Programme

What is this about?

VibeCampo is Kenya's 1st Social Site, and is becoming more and more popular among Kenyan college and university students. We are hiring Campus Ambassadors across all institutions (Colleges & Universities) in Kenya.


1. A campus/college student with good communication skills.

2. Active membership on VibeCampo and other social media platforms.

Ambassador Responsibilities

Campus ambassadors have the following duties:

  1. Get as many students from his/her college to join VibeCampo by promoting it on social media and word of mouth.
  2. Be a medium of contact between the institution and VibeCampo.
  3. To distribute the VibeCampo application to as many students as possible.
  4. To organize online #Hashtag discussions about matters concerning their campus on VibeCampo.

Ambassador Benefits

Being an ambassador of VibeCampo in your institution attracts some benefits and privileges that include:

  1. Guaranteed monthly airtime recharges.
  2. Appreciation payoffs for best performers.
  3. Paid internship opportunities from our partners and sponsors to best performers.
  4. Time to time giveaways like free t-shirts, Data Bundles.
  5. Commission based daily earning with Vibecampo Business.

How do I apply?

First, click the Login or Join buttons above or below, you will be brought back to this page, and you will see an APPLY button at the top.

Application Requirements.

In order to contest for this programme, your account must conform to our minimum requirements which are:

  1. You must have made more than 50 Vibes(Posts). You can post from your home page or your profile.
  2. You must have above 10 followers from your institution. Don't worry, when you follow people, they will receive an SMS, and will always follow you back. You can also invite your friends to join and follow you.

How will I be elected?

We shall have a maximum of 4 contestants from each institution registered in the system. Your work will be to get people to join VibeCampo and vote for you.

The contestant with the highest votes wins.

2016/17 Applications Ended.


VibeCampo Team